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The Silent pandemic's heavy tone

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
One Health

Nowadays, we face the Covid-19 pandemics but under our radar the silent pandemic is rising. It is common to hear about the outbreaks of flu, malaria, or outbreaks from new Covid-19 variant. It is less common to heard about the outbreaks of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) referred as the silent pandemic.


The silent pandemic is also (in comparison to Covid-19) responsible for congest in hospital. Serious pathogens like hospital acquired pathogen are responsive of longer stay in hospital, patient can get infected by pathogens resistant to available drugs. The phenomenon of silent pandemics takes place in a concept where drug-susceptible infections are getting replaced by drug-resistant infections in hospital.


Until recently the data showed that AMR was responsible for more than 700 000 deaths per new and based on this data the estimation was around 10 million in 2050. But what if this number was miscalculated?


Christopher Murray’s team addressed the question of death caused by AMR in 20219 and the results are breathtaking.


The silent pandemic made more death than HIV, breast cancer or malaria.   

“On the basis of our predictive statistical models, there were an estimated 4.95 million deaths associated with bacterial AMR in 2019, including 1.27 million deaths attributable to bacterial AMR”


The challenge is real, and all the effort are needed. Vibiosphen is engaged is this fight with two tools. We help companies developing treatments following the one health concept as a service provider, and we rely on our R&D to develop the next treatment using narrow spectrum technology.



More detail on the study was realized: