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Host response and immuno-inflammation

Through quantification to Seroneutralization our host response assays can answer most of your needs

Immunity and inflammation

Quantification of host biomarkers (ELISA, qPCR)

Cytometry (Hemocytometer, Flow cytometer, Cell sorter, Time-lapse cytometer)


host response

Vaccine development support

Custom ELISA development

ELISA validation (repeatability,sensitivity, threshold of detection…)

Serum analysis for the presence of functional antibodies

Seroneutralization of virus (Sars-CoV-2, H1N1)

Inhibition of bacterial / fungal - adhesion / invasion of host cells

Opsonophagocytic assay : The opsonophagocytic killing (OPK) assay is used as a correlate for protection to measure the functional capacities of vaccine-candidate-raised antibodies. This in vitro assay aids selecting promising vaccines by demonstrating whether the vaccine-induced antibodies drive efficient complement deposition and subsequent opsonophagocytic killing.