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One Health paradigm promotes a global effort to achieve the best solutions for human and animal health considering the environment.

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Alternative technologies and models (NAMs) to Reduce the use of laboratory animals in Industry

Vibiosphen is attending and presenting at the Adebiotech event : Alternative technologies and models (NAMs) to Reduce the use of laboratory animals in Industry. 

Patricia Martin (CSO of Vibiosphen) will be presenting our model innovation in respiratory disease : the apical out lung organoids. 


Vibiosphen will be attending #ECCMID2023 in Copenhagen from 15th to 18th of April. We are excited to discover all the great science being done in the field of antimicrobials.

We will be pleased to talk about your project / science and to discuss how to push it one step forward in the preclinical space.

Organ Modelling Congress

Our Organ Modelling Congress addresses an important and expanding field which provides new understandings in organ functionality and novel approaches to drug
development. These engineered human organs using Organ-on-a-Chip, Tissue-on-a-Chip & Organoids are a remarkable tool