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Gut microbiota-related preclinical models

The functional preclinical model opens new kinds of data to analyzed

In vivo preclinical models of bacterial infectious diseases

An alteration of the intestinal permeability related to an alteration of skin integrity are the atopic dermatitis-related characteristics associated with this preclinical model.

This model, intended to pharmaceutical, agri-food and dermo-cosmetic sectors, has for object the identification of novel medicines or food additives aiming at restoring both the intestinal and skin barrier functions.


In vivo and ex vivo preclinical models for the study of drug metabolism by gut microbiota

1/2 of the drugs impact the composition of the digestive microbiota. 2/3 of the microorganisms constituting the digestive microbiota metabolize the drugs. These models make it possible to anticipate interactions between a drug and gut microbiota.

Metagenomic analysis for the determination of the intestinal microbiota composition Metabolomic analysis for the determination of the drug fate