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Human health included in a systemic model called : One health concept

The concept of One health has a fundamental link with the well being of organisms.

The link between humans, animals and environment

The growing population, the mondialization and the intensive use of modern medication has led the population to a point of vulnerability against infectious diseases. In order to conserve our lifestyle, we need to include human in a system where we are linked to animals and the environment.

In the last decades, all the infectious diseases that human has faced around the world had a close link with animal somewhere.

Nowadays, the impact that human has on environment is no longer a subject of controversy. The expanding need for new habitats has pushed us to decrease the natural lands which has led us closer to wildlife and to their diseases.

human health
human health

One health paradigm is a multidisciplinary approach.

In two simple pillars, One health is about controlling the likelihood of getting in contact with diseases and developing modern treatment with a systemic approach.

We have concrete examples of these pillars. For instance, the problem of rabies in human has been treated with a one health approach. We currently don’t have powerful treatment for rabies in human, but one actionable approach is to avoid contact with the disease by targeting the source of the virus (vaccinating dogs)

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