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Environment is part of the One health concept

Maintaining a well balance environment health contribute to the One health approach

The link between humans, animals and environment

The use of drugs to treat the population and the livestock has improved our lives in the past decades. Thanks to the wide potential of therapeutic innovation within the scientific area it has been possible to cure many diseases and pathologies. But the aging population in addition to the expand of the livestock to fulfill human consumption needs has its downside: An increase of pharmaceutical consumption and release of particles in the environment.

Globally we have little knowledge about the impact of the presence of pharmaceuticals in the environment. But it has been proven that it has unintended, undesired adverse effects on aquatics life.

environment health

Three different sources of “pollution” has been identified:

Pharmaceutical production – Veterinary pharmaceuticals – Human pharmaceuticals. The greatest concerns are about: hormones, antibiotics, analgesics, antidepressants, and anticancer pharmaceuticals.

environment health

One health paradigm is a multi disciplinary approach.

Farming is also a major pilar where the one health concept has to be implemented to maintain a well balance environment health.

Indeed, the intensive use of land for livestock or the intensive use of insecticide to increase the crop production has dramatic impact on the land health. The decrease of microorganism in soil is linked to the decrease on crop production.

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